Syncro referral program terms & conditions

  1. The referral program is valid only for referrals of first-time Syncro partners. (If someone was ever previously a Syncro partner, they don’t qualify for referral rewards.)

  2. Your referral must create a valid Syncro account and pay for six months of any Syncro subscription for the reward to be paid out to you both.

  3. You and the referred MSP each receive a USD$500 USD gift card. You can choose from a wide variety of gift card vendors. The gift cards work internationally and are always in US dollars.

  4. Each payout can only be claimed by a single person. 

  5. If a referred MSP clicks on a referral program link from two or more referrers, the payout is given to the most recent click.

  6. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can generate. 

  7. Referral program payouts don't have an expiration date.

  8. RepairShopr customers can’t refer themselves to Syncro.

  9. Referrals can’t be retroactively applied.