Terms & Conditions

  1. Only applicable for first-time Syncro customer referrals (i.e. if someone was already a Syncro customer and cancelled their subscription, they cannot take advantage of the Syncro Referral Program if they become a Syncro customer once again).
  2. Your referral must create a valid Syncro account and pay for 2 months of any subscription plan in order for the reward to be paid out to you both.
  3. The referral payout can only be claimed by a single Syncro user of the referrer account (i.e. company X’s signup can't be claimed by company X's user A and user B, only one of these). Similarly, the referral payout can only be claimed by the most recent referring member, in the event that a referral clicks on two individual referral links.
  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can generate, and referral program payouts don't have an expiration date!
  5. The value of the giftcard for both the referrer and referral is $500 USD each. You should be able to select a giftcard from the "US/Canada" list that is also available for use in your country. If not, please contact chelsea@syncromsp.com and we will work with you.
  6. A RepairShopr customer cannot refer themselves to Syncro.
  7. Referrals cannot be retroactively applied.